A Singing Waiter in the UK performance typically involves one or more professionally trained Singers, who go undercover, pretending to be waiting staff at your event. After liaising with you, the performance will begin at a scheduled time and will usually begin with some kind of prepared accident. We love working out different ways of doing this. This will naturally draw the attention of your guests, at which point the Singing Waiter will take the opportunity to begin their performance. Singing Waiters in the UK are experienced in the musical industry, some come from performing on theWest End in London, and UK TV, but all of them have breathtaking vocals that will get your party started. 

Whatever music genre or songs you have in mind, Singing Waiters in the UK have the vocal talent to execute it well and hugely impress the guests at your event. The songs that make up the performance are arranged beforehand, so that the audience can get the maximum enjoyment from the surprise. 

We bring all the equipment so just leave it all to us to arrange. Should you want it some of our Singers play guitar and can bring that along too – we like to mix it up a bit! We have lots of ideas to share with you to make it that little bit different. We will even lend you our microphones and PA systems to deliver your speeches – great if you haven’t told your future other half we are coming – we love being sneaky and plotting the surprise with you!