It is worth thinking about the kind of performance that you want before booking your Singing Waiters act. You decide with our help, the setlist that the Waiters/Singers sing.  When they will start their performance and how they will interact with the audience, we are happy to be guided by you – we can make your event amazing and have everyone talking about it for years to come.  We like to hear all about your event and your plans so we can see how we can fit into them. Singing Waiters in the UK have the expertise to make any performance memorable, but it is your guidance and information about your event and specific input that helps it to become an unforgettable one. This is one of the reasons why we like to talk to everyone who is considering booking us is to find out details about the event.

We perform a whole range of genres and style; everyone has different music tastes and styles.  Our Singing Waiter performance will take in all those preferences. If you are unsure what songs you would like your Singing Waiters to perform then don’t worry we know which songs work well and we have a huge range of popular playlists which we can use as a guide, check out our page on our website for Party Starters, Pop Crackers, Floor Fillers and Karaoke Classics.  Alternatively. you can leave it to us to create a unique set just for you – with tracks and songs that are perfect for you, your guests and your taste.  We completely customise to make it perfect for your event, no two events are ever the same.  You will choose everything from the playlist of songs to the level of cheesiness (or not!) and audience interaction.